Author(s): Globe Staff  Date: March 3, 1996  Page: 2  Section: CITY WEEKLY

DORCHESTER – The ground was muddy behind the Holland School on Geneva Avenue and the lifting was heavy, but that didn’t stop members of local youth organizations from spending part of their recent school vacation as volunteers for Fair Foods, the Geneva Avenue-based organization that distributes surplus food and materials.  “By having kids come together to distribute food, this is not only addressing a variety of issues like self-esteem, but they are also giving back something to the community,” says Mahesh Balan, gang prevention coordinator for the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office, who helped organize the 50-plus volunteers.  “Kids who come here have a good time.  It’s physical, hands-on work and they are treated as equals,” he said.


The kids shuttled back and forth distributing iced tea and other items to various youth centers.  Among the participating organizations were the Boys and Girls Club, the Boston Housing Authority, Area B-3 police and the state Department of Youth Services.