Date: May 14, 2000 Page: 2 Section: City Weekly

Ric Kahn wrote a wonderful story in the April 16 City Weekly about the bench built at the Devotion School in Brookline in memory of our neighbor, Anna Grossman.


This bench was built by volunteers for Fair Foods Inc., as part of our "Seats of Consciousness" program, which recycles hardwood from construction site window pallets. We use this program to teach concern for the environment, neighborhood beautification, basic carpentry skills, team-building, leadership, and communication skills to groups ranging from business executives to kids with little hope. Our benches grace the city and the suburbs. The sale of benches subsidizes Fair Foods' primary mission, providing access to affordable, healthy food without the indignity of going to a pantry.


The Devotion School bench was donated by Chobee Hoy, a Brookline businesswoman and local philanthropist, in response to a presentation at the Brookline Rotary. The contributions of Ms. Hoy and Anna Grossman's friends provided fruit, bread, and vegetables to 30 low-income families for 10 weeks this winter. Anna Grossman was a supporter of Fair Foods.


When the bench is complete, it will say: "Everyone can be a hero in their own story," as Anna taught all who knew and loved her.



Community Projects Manager Fair Foods Inc., Brookline